Google AdWords is an advertising service that shows your ad when anybody types into Google, the keywords that you have selected. Google allows multiple ads to be displayed for each keyword and can also display the ones that get the most clicks. Install the Google conversion tracking code on your 'goal' page to track how many visitors converted into a 'SALE' or a potential client.


A business places their advertisement on Google and pays for each click by a visitor. Advertisers pay on a bid-based pricing pattern. There is tough competition for the most commonly used keywords. The most important step of an Adword campaign is the research of effective keywords. When the visitors click on an ad, they are redirected to a specified 'landing' page. Visitors need to be exactly where they want to be or otherwise will 'bounce' right back off the page in a single click and the ad payment will have been wasted. 150px-spacer


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