Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is the process of using the internet to market your products or services. The sole purpose being to increase visibility, brand or sales.

This can consist of:

1. Having your website show up when people search your products and services in Google.
2. Creating a Facebook/Twitter page.
3. Having a Google adwords account.
4. Sending your potential, and current customers an email newsletter.
5. Having your website show up when people search your products and services using Google's Adwords.
6. Creating a BLOG.

Why use 'internet' marketing?

1. It is a lot more cost effective. There are no flyers/brochures or TV/radio ads to pay for.
2. The internet provides an ideal way to interact with customers.
3. Internet marketing strategies allow online marketing campaigns to be tracked, measured and adjusted. This shows you bona fide reports on return on investment.
4. Your competitors already have.


Business today cannot afford not to be online. The global market is becoming more and more visible. This is where business is going, and so should yours. Having an internet presence is so important for every type of business these days. The internet offers unlimited options to expand your business. In the current economy you do not want to lag behind your competitors. Internet marketing should be the life-blood of your business.


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