Keyword Analysis

The first and foremost task to carry out, in order to ensure an effective SEO process, is to find the right key words for your website. Keywords are critical to SEO, whether these are 'on page' or are used as the 'anchor' text in back links. Internet users type into the search engine keywords or key phrases when they are searching for something, be it a service a product or information on a service a product. It is through these keywords that will enable them to have access to your website, and the search engines to capitalize on these keywords with regards to relevance of your web page.


An SEO company will be able to carry out keyword analysis and find the right keywords relevant to your product or service. Competition for keywords though, is cut throat, and getting more and more competive every day. There are multitudes of people who are optimizing their websites for the most effective keywords. Popularity is the other side of the coin. Those keywords/key phrases that are getting searched for most often by web visitors. The target is to find the right balance, retrieving the keywords/key phrases that have less competition, but have a decent volume of searches. Getting this right will eventually give your website the high rankings it deserves, and more importantly a high volume of relevant traffic. There are keyword analysis tools available that help decide which keywords have this balance. Google Keyword Tool, found in 'AdWords' is one of the best keyword tools available, and it's free.


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