Search Engine Rankings

Google uses a sophisticated algorithm to rank a website that uses more than 200 different criteria in the calculation, resulting in a neat equation that lights the way to high page ranking. What's more frightening is that the algorithm can change. Techniques that have worked in the past, might not work in the future. The rank of a website can change at the drop of a hat (black or white). Optimizing your site must be ongoing. Test, wait, watch and refine your SEO regularly. Oh, and have the patience of a saint.


Achieving first page ranking is the end goal. Top search engine ranking can be achieved, but it can take time, lots of time. Oh yes, and loads and loads of sweat. To get the first search engine ranking on the very first page is the usage of organic, ethical and white hat SEO methods. Content is generally the key. Great, relevant and original content. A website with great content, optimized through ethical methods is sure to achieve great ranking and in all possibility, achieve the top rank. Reports showing rankings over time can be made easily available with a little work. These can be effective in monitoring how an SEO campaign is going. Results showing who, when, where and how visitors have got to your website can be an invaluable marketing tool.


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