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SEO in Yorkshire is our main business, serving Bradford, Sheffield, Leeds and the surrounding Yorkshire area and are based in Bradford. We are Yorkshire born and bred.

We are experts when it comes to search engines, especially Google.

We use keyword analysis to search for the words that people are looking for. This returns both highly searched for words with regards to your line of business and also keywords where there is not much competition. This means that your website and pages compete very effectively.

We also carry out on-page optimisation, ensuring that your website and individual pages will be highly relevant for your search terms.

We also provide you with great backlinks that are relevant and that are also of a similar high quality, to tp make sure that your website recives the trust and authority that Google requires.

This should make ensure that Google and other search engines like Bing place your site high up in the search engine result pages.

Below are results of a leak that happened not too long ago, with regards to the percentage of clicks websites get depending on their position on the first page of the search results:

Position 1 - 42.13%
Position 2 - 11.90%
Position 3 - 8.50%
Position 4 - 6.06%
Position 5 - 4.92%
Position 6 - 4.05%
Position 7 - 3.41%
Position 8 - 3.01%
Position 9 - 2.85%
Position 10 - 2.99%

Position 1 has a vastly superior click rate. This would massively help your business.
Having a website on the second or third page has a little value, but being on Page 4 or lower has next to nothing in terms of business value.

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If you have a business in Yorkshire and would appreciate extra paying customers, extra sales and greater profits, we would love to carry out SEO for you. Give us chance. We want to make your business more of a success. Please contact us now.


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