Web Page Optimization

There are many techniques regarding web page optimization, and many tools available to SEO experts that allow Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc to 'nominate' your page as being the most important, reliable and relevant with regard to your product or service. The SEO techniques that are relevant to optimizing each specific web page is referred to as 'on page' SEO. Formatting text, internal linking and keyword deployment are part of the equation. Search engines find and categorize web pages based upon the Meta tags that are placed in the "HEAD" section of an HTML website page. In order for Web authors to more accurately describe the content of their website pages the "DESCRIPTION" Meta Tag is used. Most search engines employ description tags and most often the actual description submitted by the author is presented on the search results page just under the actual title. The "TITLE" tag is the most effective way of 'on page' SEO available, and so easy to use. There must be a unique title 'tag' to all of the pages on a website, and keywords relative to this title on every website page.


Linking of pages within a website, is another critical 'on page' SEO strategy to use. This also helps in navigating visitors through a site and guiding them to your most important pages (eg the 'money pages').


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