Website Design

Website design should touch mind, heart and soul.
A website should be constructed using knowledge, skill and ability. This adds to the value that makes it an experience to remember. The website's ability to satisfy depends on the designer's capabilities.
The users ease of navigation, understanding and total lack of effort drives the user experience.
To ensure that the target market comes back for more, the website needs to make clear the product or service you provide. The website must ensure the content is relevant, ensuring the web designer makes it the experience it deserves.
The website should both excite and interest the user at a number of levels.
The website should have all the relevant information the user is looking for, no more, no less. Anything that distracts the user away from the content he or she desires results in them leaving the site and looking elsewhere. Any use of anything flashy or distractive must be used in moderation. The content alone, should capture, and hold the users attention.


Ensure the website distributes effective and needed information. Guide the user with strategically placed information using links to the most critical areas of the website. Ease of navigation is the key. Let them move to where you want them to be.
Keeping the content to the point is essential. Users 'scan' for information. Too much or too little, and the experience is ruined.
The website should have a distinct theme and work in harmony with the website's most important features.


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